Noor Nahas

Noor Nahas


Outgrowing your accounting system? Discover Dynamics 365 Financials.

Looking to target end customers looking to replace aging ERP and financial tools, I wrote this blog to drive SMBs looking to upgrade accounting tools they may be using. The blog served two functions: first to drive traffic and interest for direct customers and second to provide material for resellers to use when trying to convince their clients to make the switch to Dynamics 365.

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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Following the release of Dynamics 365 there was a lot of confusion in the MSP marketplace about what Dynamics 365 is, how it is different from Microsoft CRM, and what differentiates it from competing CRM and ERP solutions. Using documentation and doing research with product managers, I quickly put together a blog covering the most important features and advantages of Dynamics 365 in the marketplace.

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Syrian Opposition Factions in the Syrian Civil War


If you ask anyone following the Syrian Civil War to give you a break down of the factions involved, you’ll either be met with a frustrated sigh or a blank look. With multiple operation rooms and over 100+ groups and subgroups constantly forming and reforming, the network of opposition groups can best be described as fragmented.

Ryan O’Farrell and Cody Roche put together this article breaking down every group, operation room, and ideological background of opposition and non-government groups in Syria. I helped the two by contributing my own research on groups in Syria, providing translation, and helping to research information on more obscure groups only found in Arabic media.

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The Ghosts of The Desert: Fighting ISIS from Within


Known as the “Desert Ghosts” or “Ghosts of the Desert” this clandestine group works within the Islamic State group to destabilize the group’s hold over territory in Syria by destroying infrastructure and using targeted attacks on high value members of the group. This short piece gives us a look into a groups working to sow dissent and instability in the largest terror group in the Middle East.

I helped the author Rao Kumar Edit and format the article as well as looking at sources and translating things from Arabic.

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The Battle of al-Bukamal: Here’s What Really Happened


Following a failed offensive on the Iraq and Syria border city of al-Bukamal by the US-backed New Syrian Army, many questions were left unanswered. Was this the fault of the US leaving during the offensive, the New Syrian Army, or a combination of Both?

Rao Kumar examined the failed offensive and also looks at what exactly what was captured by the Islamic State group and what it could mean for US and its ally in Syria.

I provided the Media content/source, assisted Rao in documenting captured items, edited the article, and helped with translation.

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Power League Gaming: Liars or Misunderstood?


Following a controversial (but low-key) few years in Dubai as an event organizer, PLG set out to host one of the largest gaming tournaments in the UAE even inviting Alliance, one  of the biggest names in Dota 2 competitive history. Their handling of the event led to a large backlash by the local gaming community and pushed the bad practices of organizers in the region into the light.

IGN Middle East covered both sides of the aftermath of the event using my photos, write-ups, and references media as source material for their article.

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Funn1k and XBOCT participate in UAE DotA 2 Tournament


“Funn1k and XBOCT participate in UAE DotA 2 Tournament” was written in early March 2014 covering the visit of two professional DotA 2 players XBOCT and Funn1k of Natus Vincere fame to Dubai. I covered their participation in the tournament and interviewed local players about their reaction to the tournament.

The article was written for IGN Middle East and included both photo and text elements. I also helped to organize the event and broadcast the games to an online audience, garnering over 1600 unique views.

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Shooting Down the Aisle : A Balanced Approach to Gun Control

Phot of Shooting Down the Aisle : A Balanced Approach to Gun Control article.

Shooting Down the Aisle : A Balanced Approach to Gun Control was an article done in light of recent mass shootings and the ensuing discussion on gun control in the United States. With four other classmates, we put together a package that looked at the many different angles of the debate and brought together the commonality between the differing view.

This package included audio, images, video, interactive maps, and text. we also made use of animated gifs to help bring to life the text of the story.

Swamp Thing: the production

 Swamp Thinging: The Production

Swamp Thing: the production explores a day at the Swamp Thing Festival, a Louisiana themed festival that features over 7,000 pounds of craw fish. Along with three other classmates we put together a project featuring audio, images, slide shows, text and sound slides to give readers the festival experience.

Up In Smoke: Austinites Weigh in on Raising the Smoking Age

Photo of Up in Smoke article

In March of 2013 Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti proposed a bill that would increase the smoking age from 18 to 21 in Texas. Interested in seeing how Austin residents viewed these kinds of initiatives and laws on smoking, four classmates and I set out to interview smokers, non-smokers, and those involved with the bill.

We used sound slides, photos, audio interviews, and static and interactive charts to visualize an otherwise plain and text heavy story.

Acrobatic Arts in Austin: Inside the Texas Circus Revival

Picture of Acrobatic Austin Story page.

In Acrobatic Austin four classmates and I documented the growing Austin circus scene both on and off the University of Texas campus. We used video, photos, a digital book, and an in depth story to convey the movements of the circus community and give our story as many media aspects to keep the story visual but informational.

Burnt Orange and Green: Helping make UT sustainable with a Micro-Farm

Image of Burnt Orange and Green story

Burnt Orange and Green follows the initial steps that the University of Texas micro-farm, a student led project funded by the University of Texas’ green fee to grow vegetables on a plot for the university, and moves to make the university more sustainable. Along with three classmates we put together a package including audio interviews, images, and a detailed story on the reasons behind the micro-farm.



Iconic or Just Illegal: Austin Street Art

Photo of Iconic or Illegal, a multimedia story on Austin Graffiti.


Following the vandalizing of the “i love you so much” graffiti on the wall’s of Jo’s Coffee, Austinites blew up in support of the piece. Austin has always had an interesting take on graffiti and street art, with many pieces becoming a part of the city’s culture.

I worked with four other classmates to create a multimedia package that detailed the varied views on graffiti in Austin through photography, video, google maps, and infographics detailing the many aspects of street art.

Dissent From Across the Sea

Image of project on Syrian expatriates.


Following the start of the revolution in Syria on March 15, 2011, expatriates across the world sprang up across the globe in support of family, friends, and the revolutionaries back home. I put together a multimedia site for a class in 2012 detailing local protest movements in Austin and providing background for those unaware of the events in Syria by using various forms of media.

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